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Join the ATS Affiliate Program with AlgoTradingSystems LLC

AlgoTradingSystems LLC (ATS) invites established entities and trading group operators to become part of an exclusive affiliate program designed to drive mutual growth and success. As an ATS affiliate, you’ll have the opportunity to promote industry-leading trading solutions and earn rewards for your efforts.

The Best Rewards Earning Potential

Multiple tiers of commissions based on the Sales $Net, Tier 1 for via your unique tracked affiliate code for traders who signUp register for a free account and make any purchase at any time. Tier 2 and 3 for any of your coupon sales, depending on the agreement & level of value added services!

Run your own business with the best, simply be compliant and do it your way, and provide a discount for your customers via your coupon, for Tier 3 offer your own workspaces, settings, methods, and approach or use the turnkey workspaces, offer coaching, trading room and support services to your customers or just refer traders to signup and purchase and we do all the support for Tier 1 and 2.

Let's make it a Win-Win!

Lifetime recurring earnings! You get paid when we get paid, in a true partnership there is a flow of work and activity providing longevity - for all active affiliates the earnings and rewards are recurring forever, you get out what you put in! For affiliates who stop and do not refer enough anymore, the agreement will be terminated after a period of liaising over activity and terms agreed.

Simple works best

Simply refer via your coupon and affil code, you can view your leads of customers you referred via your affilcode or coupon and you can view all purchases, earnings, and payouts. We developed and created our affiliate system as there was none out there that could do what we wanted and work seemlessly with Stripe, you get full transparency at all times!

How to become an ATS Affiliate

To apply for our affiliate program, please send a message to the ATS Help Desk outlining your company details and your intended marketing plan. We are seeking applications from established entities, trading group operators, and bona fide traders/influencers with a legitimate following. Please note that this program is not available to solo retail traders or individual customers.

Sample Marketing Strategy

Your application should include a comprehensive marketing plan that may incorporate various promotional channels and methods such as:

By partnering with AlgoTradingSystems LLC, you will be part of a select group of operators who are equipped to promote top-tier automated trading systems and services. If you have a strong presence and a proven track record in the trading community, we encourage you to apply and join our network of affiliates.

For more information and to apply, connect with ATS Help Desk today. Let’s achieve trading excellence together!